With his spray-paint cans and his stencils, SUFYR gives back shine to dull walls, rusty doors and forgotten places. He embellishes them either with colorful portraits or more sober ones. His models? Faces of famous people who touch him, strangers with moving looks, political figures, mocked in many contexts, or anonymous, his daily heroes. French street artist based in le-Cannet-des-Maures (Var,France), Alexandre PLAUT alias SUFYR has been performing since 2014 where street life and the eyes of passers-by don’t go anymore. “I want to draw attention where people don’t bother to look anymore, appropriate abandoned places to exist”.

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An eclectic life course

Born in 1986 in Fréjus (Var, France), SUFYR grew up in a small village in the center of the Var. He was raised by modest, laborer parents but who were artists at heart and used oil painting and crayons very well. From his earliest childhood, he always had a pencil, a paintbrush or a chalk in his hand, intending on catching a moment, an emotion, on a paper, his bedroom wall or on his school slates. He went to middle school near by, then more disposed to creative handiwork studies, he learned gastronomic cuisine in TOULON to the great displeasure of this art teacher. Hyperactive, inquisitive, he naturally changed his career orientations as he wished, sometimes a cook, sometimes a laborer, sometimes a security officer, or even a volunteer firefighter for 10 years. “All of these experiences were interesting, but being a firefighter gave me another vision other life, death, the social and sentimental misery, other human relations. It is both rewarding and very demanding”, he says, thinking that it is all of these experiences that brought him later the hindsight to be able to express himself without self-centeredness. That also enabled him to constantly put into question his views, all of those prejudices that often get the upper hand over our judgment. Passionate about tattoos, he also challenged himself with this other form of drawing “The art of tattooing, its culture and its rebellious aspect still follow me today but I couldn’t totally express myself through it” he explains. “the street art was an obvious choice for me. I found the opportunity to fully express myself through it”. SUFYR draws his influence from the street, its life, graffiti, music, related arts but also from faded facades, and abandoned buildings, vulnerable to time passing.

It’s at the age of 28 that Alexandre PLAUT forged close and solid ties with the street. “I felt that urge to spread, raise and share. I needed adrenaline, a personal renewal, because I have always feared boredom, overly polished things. Performing in the street is illegal, but I like that balance between desire and danger”. His style evolves and fluctuates with his influences, sometimes with greys-scale paintings, sometimes with very flashy ones. The same with his media, either outside or in his workshop. “Today I seek something original for my artwork, painting on canvas being too boring for me. So I recycle, I like to unearth a media related to the subject or on the contrary, ones which are totally out of line”. Outside, he presents his artwork to passers-by across the department. “I love the idea of always having in my saddlebag spray-paint cans and stencils while travelling. It is that to me, the freedom of expression in art”. Come what may, artwork he knows are short-lived. “You have to accept that once done, the artwork is not totally yours anymore. It endures and sometimes experiences the hard reality of the streetlife”. Le-Cannet-des-Maures, village where he lives and has his workshop, was his first playground. “I am happy for being, in my own way, one of the street art representatives here in the south. I couldn’t live anywhere else!”.

Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it


SUFYR, eternal renewal

Even if today SUFYR responds to various requests, public and private ones, he does not forget at all from where the recognition of his work comes from and his wish to affect a large number of people. “The open-air gallery” as he calls those places where art invite itself in your daily life.

Even if sometimes some of his performances are destroyed stolen or damaged, he still expresses himself according to his desires, in the streets, his dearest places. However, curious and refusing to rest on his laurels he doesn’t shut the door on other horizons. “Everything is cyclical. One day I will have enough and I will probably change my style”. Free, may he still stand.

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